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Harmer Schau Auction Galleries Trade Show Banners

About The Project

I am please to say (since I value long-term relationships with my clients) that I have worked for nearly 20 years with Harmer Schau Auction Galleries, Inc., a philatelic auction house based in Petaluma. I do their catalog layouts, email blasts, ads, brochures, and their trade show banners.

On the left is the “generic” banner, which highlights the sorts of things they auction. On the right is the “Catalog Cover” banner. Every auction has a different catalog cover, and we print and enlarged version of the cover out and attach it to the banner. That gives my client a consistent look at every auction.

About AVM Graphics

I have a passion for organization, clear communication and beauty. If I didn't love what I do, I'd be doing something else! I'm here to make my clients' look consistent, professional, with a clear message.

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