Flyers to Posters

Sonoma Marin Fair Poster

Sonoma Marin Fair Poster

The challenge: make an attractive, colorful poster for the music line-up at a fair, but all the band photos are in black and white...and fit 17 sponsor logos on there as well! I like to solve jigsaw puzzles.

Harmer Schau Guam sheet and ATT notice of job opening

Flyers/Sell Sheets

A version of a flyer, a sell sheet will have more information pertaining to the service or product offered. These two could be considered as either a flyer or a sell sheet. The one on the left is advertising specialty stamps at an auction; the one on the right is offering employment opportunities.

Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Project Posters

Petaluma Sunrise Rotary Flyers

I am a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise, and have been an active member since 2001. We do all sorts of service projects in the local community and internationally. ON the left is a flyer about raffle tickets at our event for the improvement of La Jagua School in the Dominican Republic. On the right is the flyer for the Great Petaluma Egg Hunt, a community event we have put on for 11 years, free to children 13 and under. Making the world a better place at breakfast!