Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries Trade Show Banners

Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries Trade Show Banners

I have worked with Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, a philatelic auction company, for more than 12 years. They decided to add to their marketing at their auctions with two banners. The one banner is a "generic" version, which doesn't change. The art below the logo changes with every auction, showing the current catalog cover. It's an add-on piece, that velcros onto the existing banner.

Pacific Laser Eye Center Window Sign

Pacific Laser Eye Center Sign

Pacific Laser Eye Center had a lot of large windows, and wanted to put in signs to market their services. One of their clear target markets is people who love the outdoors and sports. Glasses and contacts simply get in the way, or get lost. Simple, clean, easy to read.

Petaluma Sesquicentennial Celebration Billboard

Petaluma Sesquicentennial Celebration Billboard

During the 150th birthday of Petaluma, CA, I was asked to create a billboard. Our town is so lovely, especially the Turning Basin/Petaluma Yacht Club area. Easy to design when the photograph is so lovely!

Sonoma County Crushers Billboard

Sonoma County Crushers Billboard

Back in the early 2000s, the Sonoma County Crushers were a AAA ball team in Rohnert Park, CA. I got to do this fun project–create a billboard for them, using their mascot, the Abominable Sonoman. Lots of color and lots of fun!

Redwood Empire Association ads

Redwood Empire Association Ads

These three ads were placed on the far right side of three separate pages in the Redwood Empire Association's section of the California Visitor Bureau's magazine. Each ad highlights one of the glories of California; all together, they reinforce why most people want to visit California. I enjoyed the challenge of creating unity while keeping the 3 areas differentiated.

Petaluma Museum Ad

Petaluma Museum Ad

The Petaluma Historical Library and Museum is situated in an Andrew Carnegie building in downtown Petaluma. The challenge here was to fit all the images and copy into a space and still have it be readable. I used the Ogilvy layout: headline, interesting image and then the rest of the story...

Petaluma Health Care District Ads

Petaluma Health Care Ads

The Petaluma Health Care District places ads in all sorts of publications. I enjoy working with an organization who is focused on service, education, and health.

Stero Warewashing Ad

Stero Magazine Ad

Stero had a manufacturing plant in Petaluma for years, tucked away on the south side. They made excellent washer-ware equipment. The challenge was showing how the equipment worked when all the sprays were on. This took some doing in Photoshop. I enjoyed the challenge of photo-retouching so that the image was immediately understood by the viewer.

Petaluma Arts Center Business Mixer Ad 2014

Petaluma Arts Center Ad

For a Business Mixer Event, I was asked to pull this ad together. I enjoyed using the images provided, since they were so colorful. The challenge was to create an ad that would work as well in greyscale! The event was a rousing success.

Mill Valley Parks and Recreation Ad

Mill Valley Ad

Mill Valley Parks and Recreation is justifiably proud of its Aquatics & Fitness Center. This ad was in their Summer Activity Guide. Keeping the look cool, clean and inviting was easy—the client is a professional photographer.