About AVM Graphics

Ann Moreno has always been creative, artistic and productive. Her first career was as a costumer in the theatre. When Ann was ready to try something new, a colleague said that her eye for design and detail would make her an asset in the graphic arts field.

Beginning as a typographer in a high-quality type-house in Boston, MA, Ann has more than 25 years experience in Graphic Arts. Her skills include design, marketing, art direction, copy writing & editing, media buying, tutoring and project management.

She has worked all across the United States, from Serif & Sans, Inc., in Boston to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in California.

Ann opened AVM Graphics full-time in Petaluma in January 1997. Current clients include the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, Harmer-Schau Auction Galleries, Inc., Pacific Laser Eye Center, Petaluma Health Care District, and Tri-County Design Center.

Ann is a Charter member and Past President of the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise, has been a member of the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce since 1997, and is the Educational Coordinator of the Redwood Empire Business Partners chapter of BNI. She is a graduate of the Leadership Petaluma Program of Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce, and has a Masters in Spiritual Psychology. In her spare time, she sings the blues with her husband, Sal, in the band Randy and the Special Agents.

What You Can Expect from AVM Graphics

Serious Listening Skills

I believe that you know how to run your business. In fact, you know much more about it than I do—so I will ask questions to get a real feel for your mission, your company’s culture and for you. And amazingly enough, I will listen to your answers! After all, this is YOUR project I’m working on, not just another portfolio piece for me.

I Care About Your Success

That’s why I’ll ask you about your current marketing materials, including print, website, social media pages, and email blasts. I want to know what you have already done and what you are planning to do. I want to make sure that what you have in mind will work for you.

I also want to create a consistent look for your business. Coca-Cola has enjoyed 125 years of consistency—except for the year 1890, the font of the logo has remained essentially the same.

Professional Noodging

In other words, excellent (and yet sensitive) project management. I keep you on track so that we meet your deadline. I also coordinate any subcontractors needed for the job, such as illustrators, photographers (did I mention I do art direction as well?) and copywriters. I also coordinate your project with the printer so that you get the best price for what you are printing, and get it on time.

OCD (Focused Attention to Detail)

Since opening AVM Graphics, I have had only 2 jobs reprinted due to an error on my part. That’s out of thousands of projects. So you can be assured that I pay attention to your details—AND I set up the artwork exactly the way the printer or vendor needs it, which saves you time (and money). I have saved many clients embarrassment from missing their own typos or inconsistencies in a job.

A Sense of Humor

I hope that’s evident in my website—if not, let me know! I enjoy my work, I enjoy working with my clients, and I love to laugh!

People Like to Talk

In over 25 years of working with graphic designers, you are the first designer I trust. – Gary Yates

Although I know she is often busy, Ann has an amazing quality—giving me the feeling that my concerns are of the utmost importance, and that she has plenty of time for my project. – Nancy Vayhinger

You turned my ho-hum homemade black-and-white flyer into a beautiful color document that catches the eye and makes people want to read it. It is a testament to your experience, knowledge, technical skill and creativity. Your good humor, sensitivity, and excellent suggestions made working with you a pleasure, and I can’t thank you enough. – Rebecca Stadtner

Just a thank you, because I know what I will get from your jobs. Its like boom, boom all done—no fuss, no stress. Always clean and good! So thank you! – Kirk Jackson, Marin Sun Printing