Celebrating 20 years, thanks to all of my clients.
Marketing Solutions Here

It's never too late in the year to come up with a new marketing plan, revamp what you've got, or finish off your existing commitment to telling the world about your business! Ads, newsletters, email blasts are all good choices. Call me today!


Ads come in all sorts & sizes: banner ads for the internet; display ads for magazines or newspapers; and billboard ads (or any size larger than a breadbox). I love the challenge of fitting the image and the copy into a defined space while keeping the message loud and clear.

Marketing Materials

When it comes to telling people what you do or what you sell, there are lots of ways to do so. You can use direct mail with postcards, brochures, invitations, or coupons. Apart from direct mail, there are rack-cards, sell-sheets, flyers, posters, door-hangers, and of course, trade show banners. And more. Much, much more!


Selling items via catalogs is an art, requiring excellent copy-writing and beautiful images. Your target market will love to see your catalog arrive. Catalogs have longevity–they stay in offices and in homes long after their arrival date.

Logos & Branding

For new and mature businesses – your brand is what people remember. A logo is just part of the branding process, which includes your particular colors, fonts, images…and everything else about your company (including how you answer the phone). Most people start with a logo…

Branding is more than a logo—it's the entire way you do your business. Call me for a fresh eye to make sure your brand is looking as fresh and consistent as possible, with a complimentary one-hour consultation this autumn regarding your branding or your marketing plan. Let's talk.